Paras Juneja

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Alpine Hearing Protection started producing ‘customized’ earplugs for professional applications in the Netherlands in 1994. Now they offer a solution for everyone and every need. To get a good night’s sleep or a night on the town. For motorcycle riders, musicians, DIY enthusiasts and festival-goers. For young and old. All the hearing protection is designed and made in the Netherlands from quality materials. Their products comply with all regulatory requirements in relation to safety, health and the environment. 

I was presented with the privilege to generate high-fidelity renders for their latest Earbuds model. Within the scope of this project, my duties encompassed the meticulous execution of texturing, lighting, and composition for the Alpine Earbuds. This involved the discrete rendering of individual components, the creation of an exploded view to showcase the product’s intricacies, and the production of a specialized render highlighting the earbuds’ water-resistant attributes.

All the 3D renders were executed in Blender and Composited in Photoshop.