Paras Juneja

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Shure MV7


New Colored Shure MV7 mic by Fox My Box, an aftermarket customization platform for consumer electronic goods.

The Shure MV7 is an amazing product for all the content creators who want to increase their production values and quality to pro grade levels

For Podcasters: This cardioid microphone can be used as a USB or XLR mic and can use both outputs simultaneously.

For Gamers: This Teamspeak and MFI-certified microphone simplifies the streaming process.

For YouTubers: This microphone is best for in-studio videos, the sound quality is superb, and it can even make automatic adjustments to the sound as you move away or towards the mic.

This is a full CGI showcase for clients and social media to represent the visualization of a finished colored Shure MV7 Mic after it goes through a high quality process of disassembly, sanding, painting and clear-coat.