Paras Juneja

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Self Initiated Project


World Wildlife Fund


Graphis New Talent 2021 Gold

NYX Award Gold

Muse Award Silver

Vega Digital Award Silver

Creativity International Award Bronze

The Drum Chip Shop Finalist

Communication Arts Award Finalist

The Side Show Shortlist


Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain   

Creative technologist: Paras Juneja

Humans have been harming nature for a long time. We lack empathy and do not understand the importance of flora and fauna in our ecosystem. It has led to thousands of species to get endangered.

Trails is a browser-based platform launched in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. It helps to create a bond between humans and wildlife through various 360 videos of endangered animals in their natural habitat. They can be viewed on any personal device or a virtual reality headset. Trails help us realize that these animals are an important part of our collective ecosystem and they need to be saved.